Hi! I am Jack or Kizime! I have been streaming since the beam days and loved every moment of it! I got booted from mixer thanks to the shutdown and moved to twitch, but soon after found out that twitch was just not for me! So now I am here and I REALLY like it so far! I mostly play Minecraft, but I like to call myself a variety streamer as I play many games besides that! some including Subnautica, Rocket League, Phasmophobia, and more! I am fully family-friendly so I hope you are able to stick around and chat!


Monday 6:45-9pm

Tuesday 6:45-9pm

Wednesday OFF

Thursday OFF

Friday 6:45-9pm

Saturday 6:45-9pm

Sunday 6:45-9pm (Might be earlier streams, will give a heads up in my discord!)

All donations are appreciated but never required! If you do donate, you will get the donator role in discord! (Click the label if you want to donate!)

Donations are not refundable.


DivineRaven: 210.27$ (6 donations)

TacoBruh: 187.00$ (13 Donations)

Cykotiq: 77.00$ (1 Donation)

And thank you all for the donations! It really does help me a lot!