Hi! I am Jack or Kizime! I have been streaming since the beam days and loved every moment of it! I got booted from mixer thanks to the shutdown and moved to twitch, but soon after found out that twitch was just not for me! So now I am here and I REALLY like it so far!


Monday 6:45-9pm

Tuesday 6:45-9pm

Wednesday OFF

Thursday OFF

Friday 6:45-9pm

Saturday 6:45-9pm

Sunday 6:45-9pm (Might be earlier streams, will give a heads up in my discord!)

All donations are appreciated but never required! If you do donate, you will get the donator role in discord!

Donations are not refundable.


DivineRaven: 210.27$ (6 donations)

TacoBruh: 187.00$ (13 Donations)

Cykotiq: 77.00$ (1 Donation)

And thank you all for the donations! It really does help me a lot!