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Hey guys!

Kjasi here, but you can call me KJ. I’m a variety streamer with eclectic tastes. I often do 3D art, Programming, Game Development, and other random stuff, but most of the time, I’m playing video games. Everything from The Legend of Zelda, to Stardew Valley, to Star Citizen, and everything in-between.


  • I stream Friday through Monday, plus Wednesday, starting at 8pm Pacific time.
  • On Sunday I start at 5pm Pacific time for Star Citizen Sundays!
  • End of October Game: Batman: Arkham Knight
  • End of December Game: Batman: Arkham Origins &/or Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Missed a stream?

KJPlays Uncut On Youtube

VODs are uploaded to my Uncut YouTube channel, premiering at 8am PST, two days later. So Monday night’s stream premieres on Wednesday!

Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Click the image above (or right here) to start your Star Citizen journey! When you click the image, you will be able to sign up using my referral code. Using my code will get you an extra 5000 UEC when you buy a game package, and I get a kickback too! If we get enough people to sign up with my referral code, we can get into the million mile high club! And I’ll invite you all to come with me!

I’m looking forwards to streaming on Glimesh, and I hope you’ll join me here!