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Music Misery & Despair
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Bamabttfkr: 02:01:18
cheers, Gman. I will miss next week- in nashville
RadDaddy: 02:01:18
Les_Izmoor: 02:01:24
Ivrezul: 02:01:27
RadDaddy: 02:01:46
i will be in Clarksville K

About Les_Izmoor's Stream

Welcome to the home of Misery & Despair.

This show originates on the eastern coast of the United States (generally speaking, GMT -5) so one of us is up either very late or very early. In any event, consider yourself welcome.

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

  1. Yes, I am old, fat, bald and ugly.
  2. Yes, I have been doing “this” (internet broadcasting) for a long time.
  3. No, I probably won’t stop my show to play your youtube video.
  4. Yes, pants are optional. I rarely wear any myself.
  5. It’s pronounced “LESS IS MORE”. You see, it’s a joke, a pun, a play on words.
  6. Lurkers, anons, and otherwise nameless viewers are always welcome. The music is meant to be enjoyed in any fashion that YOU wish to enjoy it in.
  7. Sadly, as a result of reading the comments concerning the Roundtable event, going forward any individuals who show up to castigate, harass, lecture or engage in pecksniffery are not so welcome and will be assisted to the egress. I don’t tell you how to run your shows, kindly return the favor.

Be excellent.

Since rules are made to be broken, let me offer some suggestions.

Don’t come in here your first time all hard elbows and full of piss and vinegar. Relax and let us get to know you, and you take some time to get to know us. Generally speaking, that approach builds friendships more quickly than coming in like some rabid gorilla and barking at everyone.

Take it easy. It’s an internet show. What people’s politics, religions, etc, are fall into areas that can wait awhile. You are in no more position to demand information from me than I am of you. Relax. We’ll all get to where we want or need to be sooner or later.