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About LordDoomtucan's Stream

Hello everyone my name is Lord Nicholas aka LordDoomTucan Yes I am a real life Lord of the Principality of Sealand. My goal here on Glimesh is to create a very chat active community meaning no lurking or dead chat. I am also spreading awareness about Tourette Syndrome which I was diagnosed with when I was a young Lad. I also due to being disabled legally by my state I live in am trying to make streaming a full time job. I normally Stream chill games and retro RPG’s but will play ARPG’s and Other Single Player Games. I do play multiplayer games but as a solo player.

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Music used with permission from.

  1. Orician - Website Twitter
  2. Karl Casey - Website
  1. Must attempt to be active in chat.
  2. No Religious or political talk unless streamer starts it.
  3. No hate speech what-so-ever.
  4. All bans are final and up to streamer to revoke or uphold the ban.
  5. Mods will enforce streamers rules to the fullest.
  6. No Age chat what-so-ever.
  7. No self advertising. If you do you will be banned.