Hello Viewers!!! I’ve had a lot of different names through the years trying to find my perfect name and well here it is, MVPatriot, most call me MVP who haven’t known me for the past decade or decade and a half that I’ve been gaming.

I have been streaming for around 4 years but have been on and off between other streaming platforms. I started on Beam which shortly turned into Mixer from there I went to twitch. You will find out very quickly that I enjoy playing all kinds of games from FPS to survival to open world concept games.. I love the variety of games that have allowed me to meet some amazing people! I like to see myself as a decent content creator for the time I’ve been able to put into streaming.

My job keeps me busy and keeps me pretty occupied with hours on the job so it doesn’t always allow me to have a constant schedule with streaming like these past 4 years have been.

I have a role play server that keeps me pretty active on top of everything else in my life. Its been running for about 6 months now and still trying to grow! I dedicate myself to things that I enjoy and when I get going it takes a lot of my time and work hard to be proud of what I do.

Be positive and treat others like you want to be treated.

I am a huge advocate for supporting our veterans. I strongly encourage this, even if you don’t believe in them or what they stand for then please kindly don’t speak about it. No one is alone, someone is always in reach and ready to listen!

Some other things that would be helpful for you to know about me.

  1. I am an Electrician, I work during the day and love to game after a hard days work..

  2. I’m big on keeping things real. I don’t tolerate negativity.

  3. I am a community person. When I get going on building my community I will put every bit of effort to make everyone feel like family, because you are.

  4. I am a very stubborn and can be set in my ways so don’t be hurt when I don’t see your way the first time!

All in all, have fun, be respectful and lets game!

Follow all Glimesh TOS rules too!