Gaming I heard things are getting a little gooey... or corrupted or something

Gaming I heard things are getting a little gooey... or corrupted or something
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Luftkun 12:53:34 :
have a great day
Luftkun 12:55:43 :
Just letting you know there are 8 streams up right now and all are doing the same ting
Luftkun 12:55:45 :
Wayne_2001_Tx 10:16:28 :
artofcod 14:29:26 :
your streams freezing every few seconds bud, sometimes losing video altogether and only having audio

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G’day, I’m Mai Keth but most just call me Mai, I am an aussie gamer for yonks! Been playing games since the days of loadrunner and similar. One of my favourite games growing up was defender of the crown. The main games play are Destiny 2, Apex Legends and more. More of a PVE player myself as I don’t have the skills for PVP but do give it a burl anyway.

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