Gaming Playing until I complete this event!

Playing until I complete this event!
Century: Age of Ashes Chilled Games
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KirkpattieCake 03:53:08 :
That's the power of pinesal baby
KirkpattieCake 03:53:28 :
Aight, cool chilling with you and seeing you work!
Manne 03:55:27 :
Thank you every one for hanging out!.
Manne 03:55:41 :
don't forget to follow me on Minds
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About Manne's Stream

Ok, everything you see here is temporary. Consider it Under Construction.

My name is Mineya. (Min-Eye-Uh). You may call me Manne (Manny)… or whatever you like.

I’m a Mixed Martial Artist with a passion for all things creative. I am an amateur singer and a rookie guitarist that’s getting better every day. I also do some creative writing.

I’m currently writing a comic book called Crane Cities: Gargoyle which will be published on Arkhaven

Once I’ve got into a schedule and figured things out a bit more, expect things to get a little fancier. I have big goals but we all have to start somewhere.

ps: while I’m not on any mainstream social media, you can follow me over at Minds

We’re all Adults here, don’t be a Jerk.