Ok, everything you see here is temporary. Consider it Under Construction.

My names Mineya. (Min-Eye-Uh). You may call me Manne (Manny)… or whatever you like.

I’m a Mixed Martial Artist with a passion for all things creative. I am an amateur singer, and a rookie guitarist that’s getting better every day. I also do some creative writing.

This channel is my own pocket of accountability. I plan on streaming and explaining my practice sessions (as embarrassing as that might be) to encourage other people to practice and learn and show the real steps one must take to become proficient in anything.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn a skill, and you’re interested on going on this journey with me I’d be happy to have you on board.

And you know: Once we’ve done our daily practice, we can play some video games.

Once I’ve got into a schedule and figured things out a bit more, expect things to get a little more fancy. I have big goals but we all have to start somewhere.

ps: while i’m not on any mainstream social media, you can follow me over at Minds