Anti Establishment Variety streamer (retro, current, music)Queen Devil ! Let’s rock ‘n roll with your Hostess With The Mostess, The Not Ready For ANYTIME Streamer! !

I’m also a black belt in martial arts and a musician ! Check out my YouTube Channel for my Vinyl Haul Episodes !

Been in the streaming scene for over three years now ! Started on YouTube, flirted with Mixer, but, Twitch as been my home since.

I stream everything from retro, current, VR, and, everything in between. I do stupid humor and wacky animations ! I rage, I get salty, but I have fun !

Any revenue I make from streaming goes right back into upgrades ! In fact, 90 of my streaming upgrades were the direct result of the support from my viewers ! But, while any monetary donations by subs or otherwise are appreciated, they are NEVER required or expected !

I strive to have a drama-free, chill community ! My Rock Stars are a swell, chill bunch ! I hope you like what you see and we’d love to have you !

Either way, I appreciate you for stopping by my channel/profile ! Thank you !! —Mindy<3







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