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I am a transwoman who plays games and streams to forget about the real world. If you need a safe place to do the same, join me. You will find I mostly play whatever game I’m in the mood for. Lately those games have been the following:

Multiplayer games:

Guild Wars 2

Drake Hollow(for Spooptober)

Tribes of Midgard



Monster Hunter Stories 2:Wings of Ruin

My Time at Portia

Rise of the Tomb Raider

#LoveIsEverything #FilthyCasual #GirlsLikeUs #2SLGBTQIA

Please consider joining my community, a safe space with giveaways and special status for subscribers and VIPs. Join the fun!(work in progress)

If you love electronic/trance/EDM/techno/synthwave music, please check out (not sponsored, I have used it for years).