Gaming Cozy stream! The Last of Us! RE4 returns tomorrow!

Cozy stream! The Last of Us! RE4 returns tomorrow!
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Britsurugi 21:47:57 :
man you are gonna fight some biiiiig thang later
Britsurugi 21:48:03 :
I just know it
Britsurugi 21:53:40 :
for sure!
Britsurugi 21:54:18 :
aww.. have a good night! :glimsmile:
Britsurugi 21:54:28 :
yep yep!

About MythicG4's Stream

Hi all! I am MythicG4 A content creator, and gamer. I have been around the streaming market for quite some time starting off with Twitch, then moving on to Beam, which was later changed to Mixer, which later got shut down lol. Then that brought me back to Twitch, and now here!! I have done quite the traveling for sure! I am hoping to build a great community of like minded people to play with and get to know. I have a great girl by the name of LadyZ who will be joining us quite often and later streaming herself! So don’t forget to drop her a follow as well!!


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Tips are non refundable and you understand that by tipping, you are donating to the entertainment provided. Thanks again!


Nothing out of the ordinary, just use common sense. No racism, no trolling, no backseat gaming (unless asked) If you have to ask to be modded chances are you never will be.


-Asus Republic of Gamers Code X mobo

-Intel I7 8700K processor

-EVGA 3070 FTW3 video card

-AIO Corsair water cooler

-64 GB of Corsair Dominator RAM (RGB)

-2 M.2 1TB each


Don’t forget to check out this amazing woman/streamer as well!!!


The usual common sense stuff people…

-No racism -Don’t troll in any way shape or form -No backseat gaming (unless help is asked) -Please just have fun and get to know me so I can get to know you!