About me with texture

What’s up everyone! I’m Nebner, lots of people call me Neb. I’m a father to an amazing little boy and a husband to a beautiful wife. My son will occasionally join me on stream. My wife is usually my co-streamer, playing games along with me. I/we enjoy all types of games and try to switch it up as much as possible. Recently made the switch to full time PC gaming. I work a full time job, go to school full time and stream part time. My/our hope is to become a more prominent streamer and build an amazing community where everyone is not only welcome be feel safe there as well.

Channel Rules

  1. No spamming
  2. No harassing or disrespecting myself or others in chat
  3. Racisms is a ZERO tolerance.
  4. No advertising without proper permissions.
  5. Have fun!

Youtube with textureIt’s Unpredicatable

Current Games

  1. New world (Beta)
  2. Fortnite
  3. Apex
  4. Dungeon and Dragons Dark Alliance
  5. Grounded
  6. League of Legends
  7. Valorant