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Hi my name is Nicco! I am a Graphic Designer and aspiring Glimesh streamer. I love the ability to stream things like Art, Story games and create moment with my community. All are welcome to participate in the variety of events we take on here. Welcome to the SLVR Nation!

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Current Stream Times!

Monday through Wednesday (Variety Streams), Thursday ( DND Streams!), Friday (Discord Community Night!) 6PM MST, 8 EST, 12 AM GMT

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Donations are Earned not Asked for.

If you truly want to make a donation then all power to you. Any donations i will be EXTREMELY thankful .Donations will help towards Better Streaming equipment and more games for more intense streams.
Please be sure you wish to make a donation and of course THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU,

Wanna see my art?

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All of the art displayed on my channel was made by myself. Click the box to be taken to see more of my work.

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Want to meet the awesome people of the community! Join the SLVR Nation today! It's a community that accepts everyone and we offer advice! Come check it out!

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Good marrow one and all!! My name is Nicco! I am a Graphic Designer, Professional shenanigan dealer, and streamer! I am a man who goes by the motto "Too Blessed To Be Stressed"!

I am a Graphic Designer. I create various types of art for both streamers and businesses. Ask me about my commissions or simply do!Wix on my channel to see my work.
I am constantly looking for people and communities to grow and interact with. As I mentioned.

I can't wait to meet you all in the stream. May the game be with you!