Gaming Glimesh Alpha Launch Stream!!

Gaming Glimesh Alpha Launch Stream!!
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Oaty 15:32:32 :
🤔 Say again? Required option 'name' missing
OfficerHobo 15:33:02 :
!schedule add --Socials every 15m run !socials
Oaty 15:33:03 :
🤔 Say again? Unrecognized option: 'Socials'
OfficerHobo 15:34:30 :
!so @Ceviche
Oaty 15:34:31 :
Huge shoutout to @Ceviche, be sure to follow them over at

About OfficerHobo's Stream

Hello my name is OfficerHobo! Also know as Hobo or Josh,

Some basic things to know about me!

  • 28 Years Old (Gemini)
  • Live in Ohio, USA
  • Marketing Student
  • Avid Sports Fan
  • Bartender for a day job

I have been streaming off and on for 7 years now, and have been on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. With the shut down of Mixer, I have felt that the streaming community has been missing a platform that replicates the sense of belonging I found while on Mixer. I am hopeful that Glimesh is able to replicate that and look forward to following in on the growth of this platform!

Schedule: TBD

Welcome to the Stream!! Chat rules are as follows:

  • Hate Speech of any kind will not be tolerated, this is your only warning.
  • Keep the chat PG-13. If you have question whether or not to post it you probably shouldn’t post it.
  • Respect fellow viewers, mods and the streamer.
  • Have fun and be active, community is the goal here!