About Me

I was born in Orlando, Florida, and now reside in Tennessee. I am a proud Father to a great son Caleb. If there is anything else you would like to know please just ask in Chat.


Hey guys, if you enjoy the stream and want to support it you can follow and subscribe! Please do not feel obligated to donate! I am not streaming for the money as I have a job. Unless this really takes off. :)

My Games



Watch your language… there could be someone from the “younger generation” watching so please be mindful of that.

Do not self promote unless you have the “OK” from me.

Do unto others. I understand this is the internet and there is a lot of “keyboard courage” out there.. but c’mon.. we’re all here to have fun..

Do not spam links. Only link something if you have approval from myself or a mod.

As far as music goes, there will be times I’ll do requests and play songs you guys want to hear, but if that is not happening, please don’t beckon for it.

Meme, but don’t meme so hard that you get banned.