Gaming Bring Me That Horizon!

Gaming Bring Me That Horizon!
Sea of Thieves
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About OneManStanding's Stream

Scottish gamer. I started on Youtube, I jumped onto Mixer, I’ve tried Trovo… Let’s see what Glimesh is like :)

Rule 1: No Politics or Religion - this is about playing videogames and having fun.

Rule 2: Be Respectful to Everyone - no harassment, swearing or adult language. Keep cool, keep it clean, and BE NICE.

Rule 3: No Backseat Gaming, pls - I appreciate you wanting to help, but messing up and getting it wrong is part of learning. If I need help I will be sure to ask for it :)

Rule 4: Don’t Shout Yourselves, Self Promote, or Ask for Follow-for-Follow - this is no way to gain meaningful followers.