Gaming Do you even ninja yo?

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AtticPlays 23:27:50 :
Right bud, it was awesome spending time with you today, off to say hi to the next person in line. Good luck with your Warframe NINJA kills.
AtticPlays 23:28:04 :
AtticPlays 23:28:30 :
My pleasure dude.
Luftkun just followed the stream!
Luftkun 23:50:58 :
very welcome

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What’s good, ya’ll?

I go by OneZenDarius. I specialize in playing Warframe, God Eater, No Man’s Sky, and various other games as well.

On occasion I may do community games or tutorials as time goes on. That’s all for now, see you out in the great expanse, yo!🥃

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All-in-all: Just be kind and do the right thing is all I ask.🥃