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About Me

Hi Hello there I am Petra a 25 almost 26 year old from a small town in Texas, but now I live in Georgia. My boyfriend and I (BLOO) have 1 cat BUT, I personally have 6. I am a short stack standing at a whopping 5ft 1.5 inch YES the half inch counts. I am a variety streamer who plays Valorant, The Sims 4, Final Fantasy 14 and many more. I am all about being all inclusive no body shaming (I know what I look like I’ve seen myself naked), LGBTQ+ friendly, I am just here to be your entertainment and have a great time and chat with all kinds of people.


Still working on it I stream most days starting at 8:30pm est (Never on Sundays)


Case- Ironside Fiend Case White

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz

Storage Primary Hard Drive Main - 1TB

Graphics Card - Geforce GTX1660 Ti 6GB

Power Supply -Corsair CX750M -750 Watt

Monitors - LG and HP 29” Monitors (IDR what kind)

Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow V3-Green Switch in Quartz

Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity

Mic: Blue Yeti

Camera- Logitech C922x