Extremely low energy variety streams for fellow nerds who thrive on boredom - boredom I happily provide to a peak audience of 0.08 viewers per hour online. Beginner piano practice is how I got my start, so that might still happen. Occasional retro and indie gaming will possibly occur. Outdoor IRL bad signal (or good signal?🤞) walks could make a showing. Artsy tinkering shall conceivably fill frames from time to time, otherwise known as “most often.” Streaming has been my hobby since 2019. I don’t take myself too seriously. Who needs a consistent schedule? Not me, that’s who! I art une owl d’night, so onlineth shall commence-oid at ridiculoft and surprisesque timestampers. I listen almost exclusively to original or remixed retro video game music as I stream.

Everyone who reads this sentence is most likely cooler and wears more trendy clothing than me. I generally lower the average to save the amazing hero types from over-inflated ego syndrome. Because Jesus Christ is the awesome and humble Savior of the world, worth more than all of us combined, paying the ultimate price for all those who believe in Him. I’m no villain… more like a nameless, generic NPC with no backstory. My memory sucks, so I repeat myself a lot and walk in cyclical patterns to save hardware resources. There’s an ugly dude wandering aimlessly in every town that looks like me. We share clothing so the main character has more money to buy fancy clothes and equipment.