Announcement: Glimesh has unfortunately reached the end of it's life, and will be shutting down in --d --hr --m --s. Read the blog post

I am RBurt. I play all sorts of games. We play everything from COD to F1. From Assassins Creed to Borderlands. I also play guitar and attempt to sing. We like to have fun playing games and hanging out.

  1. No Racisim, Sexism, or Anti-LGBTQ Talk (That will get you an automatic ban)
  2. No Political Talk
  3. Do not promote your stream, that’s just poor manners.
  4. All Tips are final.
  5. If you want to play, just ask once.
  6. Most Importantly…HAVE FUN!!!

Here is all the perks…no tiers

1.You get the @VIP role and this gives you access to the VIP Lounge Group.

2.You get your name on the wall! We want to show off all of our supporters, why not do it on a guitar?!?!? (The guitar will be mounted to the wall)

3.EMOTES!!! Not only will you get them, you get to help create one. This will be for all to use and must be appropriate. It could be a saying you use, it could be your face! All emotes will be available here, gotta love unlimited emotes, but on Glimesh we will rotate them in and out.

4.Member Tokens! That’s right, you will get a physical token sent to you. You can then take this token to a con I will be at and if you have it with you, I will buy you a drink, with or without adult juice. Shoutout to ESVA for the idea and letting me use this.

5.Priority when playing with the community. You get the jump the line!

6.During music streams, you get to make unlimited requests from the song list. You can also make a request or two of songs to try out.

Tips are not necessary, but greatly appreciated. All of the tips I get go right back into the stream to upgrade equipment and to get the latest games.

By tipping, you are relinquishing the right to any chargebacks and fully acknowledge that all tipped funds are your own and not someone else’s. I am providing a service as an entertainer, and if you decide to tip me - you agree, understand, and acknowledge that you are paying me for the entertainment service.