Gaming New FF6 playthrough!

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MechaMessiah 18:35:23 :
Haha spookier than before
MechaMessiah 18:35:32 :
It's very sephiroth reminiscent.
MechaMessiah 18:36:23 :
You would have heard it in smash for sure.
MechaMessiah 18:40:33 :
It's a use at least
MechaMessiah 18:41:00 :
Yeah I'd agree. Flat land is not as appealing when you're right there.

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We are currently playing through games where Tetusuyo Takahashi was Designer, Director, and/or writer in and that made it to the US. The list that I intend to go through is Final Fantasy VI, Front Mission, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Xenosaga I, II, and III, Xenoblade Chronicles, X, 2, and Torna. I also plan on having a Final Fantasy VII interlude after Chrono Trigger and before Xenogears.

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Just your semi-average gamer. I enjoy RPGs, Retro Games, and Nintendo Games, sometimes all 3 combined!

I likely won’t have a set streaming schedule any day soon. But I will try to give at least a day or two heads up (if not a weekly schedule early in the week) on my Twitter account so make sure to follow me over thar if you want said heads up. Otherwise, glimesh will send you an email notification when I go live if you follow and click the bell.

If you are interested in certain RPG and/or Retro Games, or games in general, let me know. I’m open to suggestions for the future, may not play it right away, but will definitely keep it in mind!

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Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Released: April 2, 1994
Developer: SquareSoft
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Platform: SNES