Gaming Warzone Grinding, w/random, Hi im Rexxi

Gaming Warzone Grinding, w/random, Hi im Rexxi
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About RexxiRose's Stream


My name is Dezz, im 26 from Cali. Variety Streamer Currently on Xbox and PC. Supporter of community play and love to meet new people. Main in FPS.

I want to create my own community of new streamers, so we can spread the Positive Vibes and help one another along the way <3 Come Join the fun and become a rexaroni.

What do you stream? I stream tons of games! My main game right now is Call of Duty. But I also love Apex, Dead By Daylight. Open to suggestions of games as well.



^^Come Join My Discord of new streamers and hang out with the Fam <3 ^^


I am Live Tuesday-Thursay-Saturday starting at 2pm PST, due to my Full time job as a nurse, weekends may vary.

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_Keep Updated on When I go Live and share new content, or gaming news on my socials!! Great way to keep in touch!_


Want To Help Support the stream?! Donations are never required but always very appreciated! All funds go to improving the stream! Thanks for the Rexxi Fam love!!


  1. No racial slurs or discrimination.

  2. No excessive cursing.

  3. No self promos/ asking for shoutouts

  4. Dont talk about age

  5. TROLLING will get timed out or banned No Spamming If a situation needs sorting don’t be afraid to let me know! Have fun and dont be a jerk!