My name is Dezz, im 26 from Cali. Variety Streamer Currently on Xbox and PC. Supporter of community play and love to meet new people. Main in FPS.

I want to create my own community of new streamers, so we can spread the Positive Vibes and help one another along the way <3 Come Join the fun and become a rexaroni.

What do you stream? I stream tons of games! My main game right now is Call of Duty. But I also love Apex, Dead By Daylight. Open to suggestions of games as well.



^^Come Join My Discord of new streamers and hang out with the Fam <3 ^^


I am Live Tuesday-Thursay-Saturday starting at 2pm PST, due to my Full time job as a nurse, weekends may vary.

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_Keep Updated on When I go Live and share new content, or gaming news on my socials!! Great way to keep in touch!_


Want To Help Support the stream?! Donations are never required but always very appreciated! All funds go to improving the stream! Thanks for the Rexxi Fam love!!