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Welcome to RHET-TV

We’re all chill here
So grab a seat pick up a controller
put up your feet and just potato.

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Steps to joining the community.


Don’t be a dick.

  • If you can’t follow this rule, I’ll assume you’re a child and shouldn’t be here anyway.

No Self-Promo.

  • It’s a dick thing to do, and nobody will take you seriously.

Hate speech is prohibited.

  • Refer to rule #1 for further clarification.

No Spoilers.

  • I digress, refer to rule #1 for further clarification.

Keep the sexual shit vague.

  • It’s funnier if you have to think about it.

Respect our mods.

  • They’re here to keep kids out of the chatroom so we can speak candidly.

RHETERIK and RHETERIK.TV are rated MATURE and are not intended for younger audiences.