Gaming Destiny 2 Comp Help! #TeamNoSleep

Gaming Destiny 2 Comp Help! #TeamNoSleep
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Roe 03:18:59 :
!so roe
Roe 03:19:33 :
!so chef
WarMachineEcho 03:23:01 :
Accept my party inv bissshh
Bowman635 03:42:13 :
And now im over here

About Roe's Stream

Hello everyone, I am “Roe”. I’m a veteran of the US Army and a big family man. Currently helping build a community full of non-toxic players for all games and all platforms. (See discord link if interested)

My name originates from the Acronym R.O.E. (Rules of Engagement) I’m mostly a Destiny Streamer with other games thrown in the middle from time to time. Here you’ll find fun times, learning experiences, and above all else a family away from home. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

-Be Respectful to everyone in chat -No racial slurs -Keep politics to personal conversation, not in chat -No self promotion of any kind

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Overall just be a chill non-toxic person and hang out and chill.