Hello and welcome to my channel! Jose here a.k.a. SIEJ0 (pronounced say-joe). Just your average gaymer guy here having fun, playing games, and raising money for sick kids with Extra Life. I am real big on community so I enjoy playing games with viewers often.

Extra Lifer | Game Chat Partner | Xbox Ambassador | Epic Games Content Creator.

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Due to the fact that I work a full time job in a hospital during the day my schedule for streaming is during evenings around 6pm Pacific Time and occasionally an unscheduled stream may pop up on the weekend.

Current Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thu 6pm Pacific Upcoming Schedule Effective July 1st: Sun 2pm Pacific, Mon, Wed 6pm Pacific.

7 years ago I joined Extra Life to dedicate my free time to stream video games and raise money all year for sick kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I raise money via direct donations to Extra Life and from payouts I get from subs. 100% goes to charity.

I stream Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and soon PC games. Always welcoming new gamer buds and some of the games are even crossplay. Not a professional gamer so this is more for entertainment so please no toxic chat about my terrible gameplay.

I am now an official Content Creator for Epic Games. Support the stream by using my creator code SIEJ0 in any game in the Epic Games library including games like Dauntless, PSO2, Warframe and more!