My name is Scykotix (Psy-Chot-ics). I play mainly Destiny 2 and recently Warframe. But also do other games as well. I have been gaming since the Atari and have played on almost all of systems since then.

SETUP: Xbox Series X, Elite Ver.2 Controller, Astro A40 TR PRO with Mixamp, Alienware Area 51-M with i7-9700k, 16gb Ram DDR4 at 2400Mhz, Nvidia RTX 2070, 1 terabyte Hybrid Drive, Alienware advanced gaming mouse, Samson Q2U Dynamic Mic with shock mount and boom arm, AverMedia Live Gamer Bolt, 20 inch widescreen 2nd Monitor TEAM NEUTRAL - This is a Team created by Neutral Warrior to do Big Things and Grow! click here to see more on the Team Website for more info to post here soon! TEAM FLOWER - A Team of Creators Originally created on Mixer and moved Here. Created by the Lovely Lady Sunflower. Great Family of Friends and I will always support. Twitter Link - Click here to keep up with the SillynessDonate - Donationrs are never required, but are always Appreciated! No Charge Backs Please. Thank You In advance for the donation to help better the stream for your entertainment! DISCORD - Click here to join the community and keep up with me when I am offline and build friendships with the others as well EXTRA LIFE - Click This link to donate to the Extra Life Charity I do every year for the Kids!