### Upcoming event (24hr charity stream)


https://streamlabscharity.com/@shadowsdenuk/mental-health-24-hr-stream-shadowsden Hey guys click on the link above to donate as much as you want to the Charity called Checkpoint, for people who suffer with Mental health. Our 24hr stream starts 24th April 2021 10:30am(UK)

Three guys 1 stream. One MANAGER SHADOWRUDZ87

Sounds like a bad joke right? Nope these guys all stream onto one channel as a team. 3 in the Army and one kick ass Civvie💪

The team;

ShadowTom91 a bald badass with a heart of gold, funny and loud! He really is fun to watch and a great brother to the den.

ShadowMaddz91 a grey haired crazy person, says what’s on his mind and doesn’t hold back, funny and honest a really great one to watch in the den. Likes to play single player games on stream ❤️

ShadowStaz86, the tall English Ukrainian, from Manchester Maaate. Chilled vibes and a polite channel, he is nice to all and really gets you interested with all his graphic design, a great man of the den.

We also have a Shadows Den Twitch channel for even more activity!


Come over to watch us in the den and enjoy our stream most days every week, check below on our panels to support us


https://merch.streamelements.com/shadowsdenuk Go check out some Rollin Deep Den Merch!

The Shadows den Is a great open community that loves, meeting, socializing, learning and making friends across all the streaming platforms we have been on so far.

This stream has three streamers for one channel, so be prepared to meet, laugh and joke with The shadows den crew.

In the past we have gamed with viewers, done huge charity events, tournaments and even talked to people on the phone to make them feel better.

Ensure you get to know us, join in and show the love. See the Discord link below to join our community.


The shadows den have decided not to accept donations or subs yet We have decided to wait till at-least 500 follows to open subs, donations etc. This is because we believe in your follow support and love, before we will open for the opportunity for people to tip us.

Tipping and donations are never expected in the shadows den but is massively appreciated and will help us integrate more stream effects, for your enjoyment.