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that's brave of you homie
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I’m waiting for the upcoming growth on this end.

About SirPandaFrost's Stream

Mainly Streaming at but giving Glimesh a shot😁

SirPandaFrost It is Dude -Ninja

Hello, I’m Cody or (Sir/Panda/Frost or any form of the name) Former Mixer Partner (Rip Mixer) 3+ Years on Mixer but Ready for the Next Step! We will be continuing to grow the community and you are welcome! I stream any BR, Overwatch, Phasmophobia, SMITE and More! All social medias @SirPandaFrost

Mixer 45k+ Followers I started on Mixer as it switched from Beam and I grew with the platform. After 3 year and Mixer now closed and we are searching for a new home!

Join the Partnered Discord! Join the discord chat! It’s a gaming groupchat app for off stream! Click the image or go to to join! You also get Live Pings! Having issues? Add me at SirPandaFrost#1234 and send a DM!

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~ Sub Special Stuff ~

  1. Priority in Que when Playing with Pandas
  2. Access to custom Panda made emotes in stream!
  3. If you stream I’ll do my best to drop those #PandaRaids on you!

Just someone who loves playing/chatting with new people! Don’t be shy I will chat with anyone no matter what! In the Panda Army all are accepted. From youngest to oldest as long as the rules of Twitch are followed they are welcome to participate in my streams. The stream is prided on acceptance and guidance for those in need. Whether it is problems in games or in real life situations, comfort and understanding will come from me and the Panda Army!

No racism or discrimination in the chat. Directing your anger/vulger words at someone else is not tolerated. Do not self promote. If you want to advertise your channel, join the discord. Do no keep sending me messages on Xbox constantly. If you have a question to ask, feel free to ask it in chat (: Do not spam. Unless it’s a Raid! Panel Content I Just Recently Joined The Collective Stream Team On Twitch, It’s Open So Please Join The Discord, Read The Rule And Enjoy!