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My name is John, aka Sith, and I am a powerlifter, gamer, Army vet, and wannabe comedian that believes in the principle of channeling emotion like the Sith code teaches us. I want to show that even geeks can be strong! Come hang out, lift or game with me, ask questions, and learn to use the Darkside to fuel your personal strength. Only then will your chains be broken!

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Proud member of the #GGarmy! Go on over to and use code “sith” for 10% off your order!


Due to a fluctuating schedule at the moment, I will be posting my weekly schedule on my socials (see below), but expect around 4 streams a week of about 8 hours a piece (all times in EST).


I stream everything from my powerlifting workouts, to Photoshop fun, to Warzone and everything in-between. I look to provide variety and comedy in what I do.


  • This is an 18+ stream (I use bad words)
  • Keep it classy
  • No racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or any other category of bullshit allowed here
  • Bring each other up, don’t tear one another down
  • No spamming (link or otherwise)


Riot ID: Sith On Trovo#8888
Gamertag: Wasted Sith


275# class, Highest Total: 1454
Best individual numbers (in competetion):
Squat: 496
Bench: 341
Deadlift: 650

(all funds will be poured back into the stream to improve with new equipment, funding for project ideas, or miscellaneous improvements)