Retired from being an infantry soldier in the U.S. Army a couple years ago. Now I work as a Learning Specialist for an IT consulting company. Playing games is my passion and has been since I was able to push the keys on a Commodore 64. With all of that being said I am a dirty casual so don’t expect MLG PRO STRATS ‘N’ SKEELZ for any game that I play.

I stream casually and really have no intentions of doing this full time. With that being said, feel free to say hello. I will respond to everything that I can.

Games I am mainly playing:

Whatever I want to. You’re not the boss of me.

Feel free to join the Discord here. It isn’t very active but with our powers combined we can form a Dollar Store version of Captain Planet and save all the memes.

I am not really accepting tips at the moment as I don’t have a way to have alerts up for them. If you want to be my sugar daddy/mamma, check out my Patreon for all the best noods and sweet perks, otherwise, there is the sub button.