Announcement: Glimesh has unfortunately reached the end of it's life, and will be shutting down in --d --hr --m --s. Read the blog post

A bit about Your Main Man Social - he started gaming at the age of 7 when his Dad (a computer geek) got him his first Comodore 64 he’s now 49 years old so you do the math.

Based in the great city of Toronto Social is proud to be an OG Canadian Streamer and SHG is one of the largest Canadian Gaming channels and networks in existence today. Social has two daughters, one wife and a dog named Tucker who occasionally sticks his head in stream.

During stream you will always see a combination of news, views, commentary and gameplay.

I’m an active daily streamer, who focuses more on my community and chat, than winning game/matches. So if you are looking for someone to watch bring in a bunch of wins, that isn’t me. But if you are looking for a great community of people to hang out with and have a good time, you’ve found the right place :)

And now the not fun stuff

? Self Promotion ? Don’t do it in my stream chat or the channel chat. It’s so annoying, specially if I don’t know you well. Get to know me and my community, we follow those we like.

? Inclusion ? Everyone here is welcome! Do NOT make anyone else in the community feel less than, or you will be banned. Unless of course they are an obvious troll, in which case destroy them!