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Hello my name is Spectrum. I am disabled with MS. I am also on the high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. I am a father of three amazing kids, husband to a beautiful loving wife. Pet dad to two dogs, three cats, and 3 chickens. I am a coffee fiend. I love all things zombies. Anything you want to know within reason please feel free to ask. I have been streaming on various platforms for a long time. I started off on Mixer, streaming straight from my xbox. After Mixer shutdown I jumped around on different platforms trying to fing a home. My main game I play/stream is Dead by Daylight. I have an insane amount of time in that game. I play both killer and survivor. I stream mostly horror games and games with unique art styles. I don’t take the games to seriously. I look forward to meeting you. Come hang with me for some laughs. If you want to join in on some multiplayer fun just ask I love to play with viewers.

Schedule Right now I don’t have a set schedule but I try to stream most weekdays 9am-12pm EST Some nights I am on. I work part time as a sub teacher so my schedule can change last min.

Games I play.

Dead by Daylight

Resident Evil Series

I am excited for Red Fall, Starfield, and Texas Chainsaw.

I stream on the following platforms with YouTube being my main platform but I am extremely interested in Glimesh.

YT Please help me out with a sub on YouTube. I have my 4k watch hours to get into the YouTube Partner Program I just need around 500 more subbies.





Tips are never required or asked for but if you feel the need they are much appreciated. However I want you to know that just being here is great support. Tipping——>

My set up

I game on XBsX, PS5, Switch, GeForce Now, and Boosteriod.

Cam-Elgato Facecam

Cam #2-Logi Brio

Mic- Elgato Wave 3

Keyboard - Razer Huntsman Mini

Mouse - Razer Viper Mini

Monitor - GIGABYTE G27QC A