Gaming Surfer

Gaming Surfer

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About Surfer's Stream

Welcome to The Surf Shack on Glimesh!!! I am a Former Mixer streamer who is looking forward to the opportunity at a fresh start on a new platform!!! Make sure to hit that Follow button as more information about the channel and schedule will be release along with the Alpha Launch…thank you Glimesh for the Opportunity!!! Welcome to the Beach Bum Family All!!!

  1. No Racist, Sexist or Hate Speech allowed!!! Instant ban for any offenses.
  2. No Self Promotion Allowed
  3. No spamming in chat…first offense will earn timeout….repeat offense will earn a ban…
  4. No arguing with Streamer or Mods about rules
  5. Be welcoming and friendly to all in chat
  6. Have fun and relax we are a community built on good times and gaming!!!