Hello everyone and welcome to my channel, my name is T3kkad4n but you can call me T3kka. I am from the United Kingdom, I have been dabbling at streaming on other platforms before making my way here:

I would like to credit Mapadale for referring me to this platform, please go and share some love.


I currently do not have a schedule, however, I am currently looking to fit streams around my work schedule which means I aim to try and stream where can. This is subject to change.


I tend to play a variety of games, I own a Playstation, Xbox and Switch, having best of each can provide many gaming experiences.

Here is a sample of some games that I own as examples of providing a variety of content:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn - Playstation
  • Ratchet And Clank - Playstation
  • Atelier - Playstation
  • Fable - Xbox
  • Just Cause - Xbox
  • Mario - Switch
  • Zelda - Switch

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all.


Here is a list outlining some of my accomplishments while been here:


-1st stream: What will I Biomorph Into? (27/5/21)




If you wish to support the channel, come and hangout and have a chat and if you enjoy the content, then SMASH the follow button, totally free and only takes a few clicks.

To those that wish to tip/donate to the channel can do do so but only do if can afford to as they are non-refundable. These are never required or expected but are greatly appreciated.