Gaming Testing to see how this goes and Playing some games!

Testing to see how this goes and Playing some games!
Monster Hunter Rise Monster Hunter still kicking

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TentaclesLover69 02:36:50 :
kk XD
LunaLycan 02:49:07 :
back sorry to hold your shit up
LunaLycan 02:49:17 :
Rezana? Nice :D
TentaclesLover69 02:51:14 :
Yep XD Lol
LunaLycan 02:51:44 :

About TentaclesLover69's Stream

Hello there!

My name is Elizabeth Diven, though many tend to call me Liz or Lizzie. Then again on here most tend to call me Tentacles.

Anyway my channel is mostly doing art work while listening to some lovely music, and sometimes a bit of gaming if I’m in the mood for it. Art wise I do both traditional media and digital media for my streams. It’s nothing out of the ordinary from others, but hey some people have used my streams to fall a sleep to.

Anyway warning to the wise though, sometimes the chat can go NSFW just because. It tends to happen more often than it should, but hell I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand.

  2. Try not to troll too much
  3. If you have a request or want a commission done, you can message me on discord at Lurking_Tentacles69#9363. BUT If you go wanting free art, do not message me because my answer will be a big fat NO! And if you beg or go on and on your blocked PERIOD!
  4. Relax and enjoy the stream!

(Will post prices later or have a sheet made)

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