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Britsurugi 16:58:31 :
I seeee lol
Britsurugi 16:59:10 :
I read the description, it doesn't sound bad!
Britsurugi 16:59:27 :
Britsurugi 16:59:33 :
"haha u ded"
Britsurugi 16:59:36 :
later homie!!

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Hello all! My name is ThatGuyOnCops (Cops for short) and I am a Former Mixer Partner. We usually play a little bit of everything around here from Beat Saber to Fortnite to Phasmophobia to Call of Duty. There really isn’t a game I wont play if someone requests it :P. Community means the absolute most to me. I love chatting with people more than anything about the streaming world. So stop by and say hi! I promise I wont make it weird :P

Schedule: To Be Determined

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