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Hello! Welcome to the campfire! My name is TheFluffyMarshamallow but you can call me Fluffy if that is to long for you. I have been streaming for about 5 years now but on and off. I enjoy playing CSGO, LOL, Rocket league and other random titles. I am here to provide a area where people can come in relax and enjoy their time. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the campfire and you can stay as long as you want!

Wanna know what im up to when im not streaming and what shenanigans im up to follow me on twitter! Tips are not necessary but are super appritiated. (TIPS ARE FINAL AND NON REFUNDABLE)

GmasterStrain: $120

Joesph: $100

EnragedVale: $50

Sy: $40

Eeno: $32

Ceebee: $25

Moses: $10

Wann join me at the camfire well click that banner!

Wanna step up your streaming game! Well get the coolest layouts from my friends over at Nerd Or Die!