HOWDY! My name is Forerunner! I’m a Variety Streamer from Texas. Anytime you feel like sittin down having some tea and enjoying a Taco feel free to come on in!

Rule Number 1: Don’t Be a D!ck!

Rule Number 2: Mods and I have FINAL SAY on all situations.

Rule Number 3: Self-Promotion without Permission is Prohibited and will result in a Mute/Ban

Rule Number 4: Although this stream has some adult content please use common sense when making comments on some subjects

Rule Number 5: Common Sense… that’s is all

Rule Number 6: ALL Persons are welcome here. We are an inclusive community and a safe space for LGBT+ POC’s and people who are just looking to have a good time Refer to Rule 1

Refer to my name plate for my socials!