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Hey. My name is ThePoshBanana, Posh for short.

I’m a somewhat random streamer who enjoys playing with friends online or talking to chat in a singleplayer game.

I’m 21 years old

I’m a student in Ireland studying computer Science

I Enjoy Watching Anime. Anyone interested in anime feel free to talk in my chat about it and ill be happy to reply.

I enjoy streaming and chilling with my friends and having fun.

[Schedule] At the moment I’ve been currently attending college and at times are unavailable to get to stream throughout the week. At the moment its gonna be random but hopefully when college is finished during breaks the streams will be more often, thank for understanding and hope to see you in chat :

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[Donations] Donations towards the stream goes towards improving the stream in the future for new emote designs for even more hardware to help improve streaming quality overall.