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inspiraatiosi 17:12:55 :
ok no un-pog sitte
inspiraatiosi 17:13:43 :
sos no tulin sit vissii huonoo aikaa linjoille :'D
inspiraatiosi 17:14:15 :
okok, no koodaile jos owo kiinnostaa viel myöhemmi
inspiraatiosi 17:16:07 :
noni nyt vikat tsemit, voitatte tän
inspiraatiosi 17:16:27 :
älä oo noin skeptinen :'D

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Hi! I’m 25-years-old Finn, living in the capital city. I make my living working as a night shift receptionist and thus my streaming hours can be very inconsistent. However, I’m trying to do weekly streams and get more consistent. Drop a follow to be notified when I’m going live next!

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