Hey there!

My name is Treption and im here to give you all an amazing time! One of the reasons why i think we could have a good time is cause, I am a dumb ass that just does what he likes without giving any F’s about viewer numbers or donations.

I play basically any game so if you want me to play something, Request it! You never know if i will say Yes or not. (Most likely a Yes though!)

Some info about myself:

  • My real name is Justin.
  • Im currently 18 years.
  • More to add, Ask me anything!

I am here for my own fun and for your amusement. Please keep it fun if you want to donate, My stream has to be fun for you too. Never feel presured in donating and if you ever donate without meaning to contact me so we can resolve it.

StreamLoots: https://www.streamloots.com/treption