About Me

Hey! I’m ViridianFire, a long time user of the (now shut-down) Mixer Platform! (Also streamed for a bit on Twitch)

I am originally from the Asian country ‘the Philippines’ but I currently reside in Northern Ireland. I love to help people out, so feel free to ask me questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

I mostly play Minecraft but I am open to other games too! I know a lot about Bedrock edition commands and I engineer systems as a hobby (if you can even say engineer) and I would be happy to help you out!


  1. No hate speech or any general negative vibes (no racial slur, no body shaming, no threatening and no telling people to ‘kys’ (or similar))

  2. No trolling or toxicity (unless it is in a jokey manner and no-one is offended/hurt (ex. ‘Oh my god you’re so dumb’ after me making a mistake (or similar))

  3. No self-promotion or promoting others, punishment will be dealt swiftly and exponentially upon repeated offences

  4. No spamming my chat (unless I tell you to or if we are hyping donations/subs/raids)

  5. Make sure to read the general vibe and to say what’s appropriate at the appropriate time (ex. Don’t joke when the topic is serious and try not to make things sad during a happy time (but always, no matter what I will never turn you down if you want to talk to me about or are contemplating suicide, there is always help, Samaritans Suicide Line: 116 123)

  6. Please refrain from publicly asking for Mod or Operator/Creative in Minecraft, I will usually have an application but if not DM me on discord (ViridianFire#9131) or whisper me while I’m live, I will try to respond but can’t always guarantee

  7. Respect me, my Mods and your fellow viewers, we are all here to have a fun time and enjoy ourselves, any malicious comments or toxicity (Rule 2 applies) will be immediately dealt with by either me and/or my Mods. Remember, we’re all human. (Insulting me or my Mods won’t get you anywhere, it will only make things worse)

  8. Follow Glimesh ToS and Ts+Cs

  9. Please refrain from mentioning age in my chat, I’d rather not judge you by age but by character!

  10. Have fun here! All you guys keep me going and striving to be better, never be afraid to point out my mistakes or things you don’t like (in a friendly manner of course) and I will try my best to better myself!

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