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Just your typical angry head in a jar. Been playing games all my life.

From Atari, NES, Xbox, Playstation, to PC a few years ago. I’ll play

pretty much any game to give it a shot, but love a good story the most.

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Wanna check out some awesome videos? Just head over to my fruitlab

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Donations are never expected, but always appreciated!

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Come hang out in the Guilded server for a good time!

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Dixper is an interactive platform for streamers and viewers.

Through Dixper, streamers can amplify their income by selling

‘Skils’ which their viewers can send to their streams.

These ‘Skills’ are real interactions that in real-time affect

the gameplay of a stream. For example, you can make the computer

mouse gigantic, invert the screen, add a voice filter to the

microphone, change the keyboard into a piano, send a Jump-scare, and more!