About Us

Welcome to Glimesh

Glimesh is a next generation streaming platform built by the community, for the community. We know establishing a following is hard and the hours are long. Our platform focuses on increasing discoverability for content creators and implementing the latest in streaming technology to level the playing field. We understand the importance of interaction between content creators and their fans and we’re dedicated to innovating new ways to bring communities closer together.


Our mission at Glimesh is to create a platform where every content creator has an opportunity to shine! We believe that the path to growth for all is by building a platform that puts the streamers & community first, not the advertisers.



We believe that secrets don’t make friends and we should all have an equal voice in how the services we use are made.


Together, we’re better.


We believe all content creators, big or small, regardless of what they stream, deserve an equal chance at recognition for their hard work.

Open Company

We believe in being transparent in our work too. Glimesh is an Open Company, with a strong commitment to transparency & fairness. All of our financial statements are public record and will be shared as they become available. We make a commitment to treating our community fairly and charging what is required to support the business and the families of those who work on it.

Want to learn more or get started helping? Visit our Discord!