Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What’s Glimesh?

Glimesh is a next generation streaming platform built by the community, for the community. We know establishing a following is hard and the hours are long. Our platform focuses on increasing discoverability for content creators and implementing the latest in streaming technology to level the playing field. We understand the importance of interaction between content creators and their fans and we’re dedicated to innovating new ways to bring communities closer together.

Why make this project?

The core inspiration of this project has been equality. There are two main problems with existing streaming websites: their customers are their shareholders and the gap between streamers is great. Glimesh is our chance to make this right, and build a platform that puts the streamers & community first, not the advertisers.

What makes Glimesh unique?

Glimesh is built by the community, for the community. We are an Open Company dedicated to putting true transparency and openness first. Come see for yourself by joining our Discord!

When will it be ready?

Let’s be realistic, there’s a lot to tackle. Design, development, infrastructure and business are all key areas we need to build out. However the idea is to tackle it in an MVP approach to get value to you as soon as possible and then iterate.

How can I help?

Easy! Join us in Discord and look for the #volunteers channel and let us know what you can do.

Business Questions

How is Glimesh going to compete with other platforms in the long run? What do you believe you can provide in regards to something different or unique that other platforms haven’t done or failed to do?

Well, it depends on what you care about when it comes to a streaming platform. We’re very unique in our care and concern for your data, and respecting your rights as a user. All of our company operations are transparent and open for anyone to learn about, and we are fully open source as well.

From a feature perspective, we’re hyper focused on truly live streams and we are pioneering sub second stream latency for all users in a scalable way. We don’t lock any critical features behind any kind of popularity walls, or microtransactions. We’re also driven to make all streamers discoverable, because your success is our success!

How does Glimesh hope to bring viewers in? What are your marketing plans at and post launch?

Our goal is to focus on having a live, diverse, and friendly platform where new users feel right at home after visiting your stream. We’ll need to capture our first month growth to continue to bring our user base back to the site, and make sure they know how they can find new content to watch. By showcasing all of our diverse streaming types directly in the nav bar, users can also immediately visit new types of streams they may be unaware exist.

We also recognize that your growth as a streamer is our growth as a platform and we should do everything possible to make sure you are successful on Glimesh. For streamers who fully embrace the Glimesh values, we also want to partner with you to provide free advertising to you on all of our social media outlets and other internet advertising. We want to build strong relationships with streamers, brands, and other companies that we can partner with to find new users to bring to our platform.

Will Glimesh use my content in advertising? If yes, how so?

The Terms of Service that binds your usage of our website gives us permission to use your content for advertising, redistribution, storage, and more. However we want to form strong bonds with streamers so appreciate us using their content to grow the platform and their stream.

Will everyone have the opportunity to get a sub button? What are the requirements for a sub button?

Yes! We’re offering subscriptions to all users in supported countries. The only requirement to set up your banking details is verifying your identity with our 3rd party and waiting for your bank to be connected. In addition, you are ultimately in control of your own stream so you can also disable your subscription button at will.

For initial alpha launch, we are targeting support for the US, Canada, and the UK.

Will you support Paypal?

Currently our primary focus is around Direct Debit & ACH (account & routing) to support the majority of users.

Will there be a different type of membership for channel subscribers, much like Patreon and YouTube?

Currently we don’t have different tiers of subscriptions available on the platform. Once we’ve been live, and have some subscriptions under our belt we’ll get the communities feedback on how to implement this feature.

Will there be an alpha/beta period for streamers to sign up and stream before launch?

We’re going to launch in Alpha state to everyone! You can get ahead of this and register, set up your profile, and assign mods today on the platform. You’ll be able to set up subscription payment info prior to launch as well so you can ensure everything is ready for Day 1.

Will there be anyone doing a “real” stream on glimesh prior to launch other than the team meeting and Glimovies?

We do want to test out load balancing and multiple streamers at one time with all of their different settings however, we won’t have anyone streaming in any official capacity before launch.

Will Glimesh be a publicly traded company?

Way too early to think about this. There is a lot of discussion to be had about this, but the current thought is we’ll probably be more aligned with a cooperative or employee owned company.

Features Questions

Will streamers have custom emote support for their channels?

Not for initial alpha launch. Custom emotes will be phase 3 of the alpha launch.

Will channel hosting be available? Will you be able to raid another stream when you are done?

We have raiding expected in phase 2 of our alpha launch. We’re still in the process of researching this feature, and are learning about the differences between the two and ways of simplifying it. We don’t want to devalue hosting/raiding in any way, we want it to be impactful.

Will we have the option to turn off saving vods and clips?

Yes, absolutely. Once we have the ability to have vods, clips, or other saved media you will have the ultimate control of it.

Will there be an app for mobile devices and/or consoles?

Yes! Mobile is a huge priority for us, but we want to get our web platform right first. We’re planning on launching the mobile app in Phase 3 of our alpha launch. We are researching how to deal with the 30% transaction cut that Apple & Google take on their respective app stores however, and are trying to make it fair for our content creators.

How does Glimesh plan to implement new features created by the community?

We want to make sure we have a very clear standard on how feature development works. All large features should start with some sort of spec or document that is well throughout and researched before developing against it.

Will Glimesh have a feature like Mixplay?

We pride ourselves on live engagement with your community and we think real time features are a requirement for us. The goal is to provide a developer framework for anyone to create custom content like Mixplay.

Will mods have a different color or icon for username?

Yes, they will have a moderator tag in chat. For now it’s blue and is labeled moderator.

What alerts will there be for streams?

We do already have integrations with PixelChat so those alerts work today. We are building our API with the intention of supporting any 3rd party alerts provider. However, until we launch we will likely not see the attention of 3rd parties.

Will you be allowing custom length timeouts?

Probably not in Alpha. You can timeout users, and untimeout users on demand.

Will you have a system in place to automatically ban users who are timed out by different moderators?

This is a great opportunity for a 3rd party tool.

Do you support a timeout of 0 secs to just clear messages?

Not at this time.

When will you add support for a game database so I can choose the specific game I am playing?

We’re keeping categories light at the moment to not drown out your stream behind many walls of content. Our goal is to alpha launch with a simple category system and then add more as we learn more about what our users need.

What is the max bitrate supported?

We’re going to have a bandwidth cap during launch to help throttle the platform. This will help our chances at being profitable, which will be a requirement for a successful growing plastform. The current through is about 5000 - 6000 kbps, which in our testing is more than enough. Once we continue to expand, we’ll evaluate what we can handle and how we should adjust .

Will you only be able to stream using FTL, or will there be also a way to do RTMP streams?

Currently you can only stream using clients that are compatible with the FTL streaming protocol, which includes OBS and SLOBS. In the future we are looking into creating an RTMP endpoint for other tools.

Will bulk gifting be available?

Yes, however we’re not targeting gift subscriptions until after the initial launch of the platform.

Will I be able to make custom animated emotes, once custom emotes are a thing?

Yes, custom animated emotes are now available for all channels!

Community Questions

Can you make a community group for a group of streamers with similar interests and goals?

We’re very interested in exploring how we can create communities as a built in feature of the website. However, it is not currently in the alpha roadmap.

How will view counts be handled? Will you require viewers to have the audio on?

We don’t have anything that rewards you for viewer count (we don’t sort by viewer count, award features, etc), so right now we just show the number of browser connections to the player.

How do you plan on dealing with bots on the platform, either in chat or causing inflated numbers?

On Glimesh, we’re not directly tying numbers like viewership, or follows into any measure of success, so view botting really doesn’t matter. However we understand the importance of these numbers for you to understand how you are doing, so we’re going to combat unauthorized robots by requiring users to validate their emails and fill out a captcha to do certain tasks on the website.

Will discoverability be a main focus of the platform. And will streamers be able to co-stream with each other, regardless of channel size?

Discoverability is a main focus of our platform. During our initial launch it will be extremely easy to find new content to watch. However as we grow this becomes more of a problem, and we want to experiment with a couple of different options for making it easy to find new and smaller streams. From the very beginning we are working hard on making streaming equitable for all, so you don’t have to compete with unfair advantages.

Will you have a “store” so others can publish / consume content like chatbots, tutorials, or design resources?

We’re building preliminary support for a marketplace where users can facilitate the distribution of various content you can use on your stream or on the platform. We’re still very much in the early planning phases.

Are users that are banned able to read chats or will the chats be inaccessible like on twitch?

Banning a user from your stream, or a user getting banned from the platform does not prohibit them from consuming your content and chat. Even if we blocked those users from your chat, they would be able to logout or use a VPN to continue to access your content.