About Us

Streaming on Glimesh

Features & Focuses

At Glimesh, we value an excellent experience while streaming. So we've taken a great deal of consideration into how and why we are designing features to make you and your viewer's experience an excellent one. Let's take a brief look at what makes us stand out in the crowd.


Discoverability is a primary focus of our platform. During our initial launch, it will be straightforward to find new content to watch. However, as we grow, this becomes more of a problem, and we want to experiment with a couple of different options for making it easy to find new and smaller streams. From the very beginning, we are working hard on making streaming equitable for all, so you don’t have to compete with unfair advantages.


From day one, we want to give you the ability to monetize your streams so that you can create income straight away. That’s right! You do not need to have a minimum viewer count or following to obtain this feature!

We also offer a competitive 60/40 split in favor of the streamer for your subscriptions, with the fees taken out of our side. Included for free is our chargeback protection for your subscriptions.


The Glimesh Community Team is here with one goal in mind - to support the Glimesh community. We do this through global moderation, responding to tickets and reports, and offering guidance. You'll find us dropping into channels to say hello or answer questions, as well as talking to the community in the Glimesh Discord! Our aim is to keep Glimesh a fun, welcoming, and most importantly a safe place for any content creator or viewer.

Faster Than Light (FTL)

Our streaming technology is built on open standards and gives your streams unimaginable levels of interactivity. We're continually pushing the boundaries of live video, and of course, it's open source. Our Mixer-derived FTL protocol has sub-second latency, and under good network conditions, you can expect as low as 250ms of delay.


Our platform is designed to be accessible, user-friendly, and blazing fast to make your streaming or viewing experience amazing! We are constantly building, tweaking, and iterating on our platform to continue to strive for perfection.


We have a fantastic community, and we massively encourage you to join! Everyone is super supportive and happy to help! Regardless of your experience with streaming, you will always feel welcome!