My name is Christie, akachritter, nice to meet ya. 44/F/TX. IYKYK.

3 cats, 1 dog, 1 husband.

Old gamer - Started on Atari 2600 and now we here. Joust is one of the best games, fight me. Favorite game, Skyrim. Also on the list of favorites is Theme Hospital (therefore Two Point Hospital counts), Tetris, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, and Golf with Friends because of the rage it induces. I suck at FPS but I like (some of) them for some reason. Hate horror but love DBD. RPG’s are always better than anything. Have you played The Outer Worlds?

Rude, crude, swears a lot. Forewarned, I am most likely not family friendly. I’ve seen and survived too much for too long to worry about tender minds and jackasses.