IRL 🐔 Chicken Cam

IRL 🐔 Chicken Cam
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TheFreshBeets 03:46:12 :
Shouldn't the chickens be sleeping?! Bad chickens!
Britsurugi 21:02:48 :
Ladies! <3
thoumustgame 13:17:48 :
its scarry bhow still they are
Loving the camera quality

About chickencam's Stream


Why are they asleep?

They’re tired and it’s probably night time.

Why are you broadcasting chickens on Glimesh?

Because we want to watch our chickens.

Do they lay eggs?

Yes, usually between 4 and 5 a day.

Do they have names?

Yes. The largest black and white one is named Sister Mary Catherine. Frieda is her sister, they are Wyandott Chickens. The New Hamphire Reds are Summer, Nugget and Henrietta.

Where are these chickens?

They are located in the Central Time Zone of the USA

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