Gaming i have been streaming for 16 years i started on justin tv :D

i have been streaming for 16 years i started on justin tv :D
Dead by Daylight
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OtterTypeofTainment 21:43:04 :
I remember Justin t.v too, when twitch was actually good
Gnomee 23:10:37 :
hey gamerfaroe it gnomee just joined Glimesh
Gnomee 23:10:42 :
hope you doing good

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hi there my name is Gamerfaroe i am from Faroe islands i am 40 years old i started on a platform called justin tv i went for the first live stream in 2007 i have kept streaming until today and i got haters we all get haters once we will be a streamer justin tv was a good platform back in the days becuase they owned twitch they sold it so i have been a live streamer for 16 years i do irl stream outside and also gaming and i do play guitar and i do sing isn’t that great i am multi streamer so i will be on twitch Trovo youtube glimesh and and brime and bitriver i hope you do enjoy yo be here and thank you for the visit god bless y’all

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